Know Andaman - About Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Islands represent a Mini India with rich diversity of language, religion and culture. Find out the glorious history, lives, customs and everything else about the UT. More....

Government - About Administration

All about the A & N Administration, the departments and Institutions, districts, contact details, e-mail directory, Circulars, Personnel Depart. Website, Quarter Allotment System etc.,More....

Tourism - Visit Andaman (Hosted at State Data Centre, A & N Administration)

The Islands have some of the world’s best beaches with plenty of forest cover. Visit A & N Islands to have
a date with nature. More....

eGovernance - Projects

Browse here for eGovernance Projects such as BIRDS, Driving Licence, Islander Identity Card, Ration Card, MIS of Departments, PROMISE etc., More....

Online Services Portal

The online portal that provides a single window interface offering a wide variety of services. More....

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